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So You Have a Leak...Now What?

Posted on January 18, 2014 at 3:09 PM
When you look up at your ceiling after any sort of rain, ice, or snow and see that tell tale water stain the first thought is that your roof is leaking. Surprisingly though that may not always be the case. Water leaks can come from many different sources that can be hard to determine without the proper training and experience.
If you have had your roof replaced in the last few years and still have a warranty through the company that installed the roof they should be your first call. They should easily be able to determine the source of the leak and if it is related to the installation fix the problem right away. If your roof is older find a roofing company that will do a free inspection but will also perform a service call to fix the problem right then, if possible. Our company, for instance, will do this kind of service call. 
Now let's explore some possible causes of a leak, and this is by no means a complete list because, let's face it in life strange things happen.
Let's start with my favorite: Condensation from your air conditioning unit.This may seem unlikely but if your air conditioning unit is in the attic or a second floor it is a very real possibility. We have seen this most often in town homes but that doesn't mean it could not happen in other homes as well.
The second unusual cause is clogged gutters. If your gutters are not cleaned regularly and become filled with debris it can cause water to flow back into the house causing a leak. Using gutter guards can help to prevent this problem. If you are interested in having gutter guards installed we can help you with that. 
If you take a look at your roof you'll see different things like vents, pipes, possibly a chimney or skylight. These are very common sources of leaks. Often the sealant used around the flashing when these are installed can deteriorate or dry up. Since there is a big hole in your roof where these items are installed they are an easy entry point for water when there is an issue with sealant. This is hard to spot from the ground but a trained roofer can detect this easily and repair it the same day.
The rubber boot around the exhaust pipes can also dry out and crack over time causing another possible entry point for water. A service call can also quickly fix this problem as well.
Of course with time damage can happen to the shingles on your roof as well. If there have been wind or hail storms, or someone walking on the roof the shingles can be damaged which will eventually let water in. This type of damage may not mean that your roof needs to be replaced. Depending on the extent of the damage a roofer may be able to make the repair by replacing the damaged shingles. 

If you spot any evidence of a leak please contact a professional roofer right away. Most of us will come out and perform a free inspection so there will be no cost until a repair is made.  Our number is 704-256-4937, we can help you with any of these roofing issues, and more, and we would he happy to help!

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