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Snow Days and Roof Leaks

Posted on February 20, 2014 at 5:18 PM
While all the children in the area were having fun playing in the snow after the recent snow storms you may have noticed some issues showing up in your home. While many people are aware that a burst pipe is common in freezing temperatures you may not be aware that roof leaks are also common.
As the snow on your roof melts and refreezes it can create an ice dam. An ice dam traps water as it melts causing the water to flow under the shingles on the roof. The longer it takes the ice dam to melt the more damage this can cause to the interior. Of course we recommend handling the interior repairs as quickly as possible to avoid any mold growth. We also recommend that you have your roof professionally inspected. Water can flow in from an ice dam when there is no shingle damage but there is also a greater chance that you do have roof damage if the water was able to get in. Of course this may only mean that a few shingles need to be replaced resolve the leak.
Other things that can cause damage to the roof that would result in a leak would be a fallen limb or an icicle that may have dropped from one level of the house to another or off a nearby tree limb. This may become evident because of an ice dam, or if the damage is sufficient you may have noticed a leak when the rain came through after the snow cleared. 
All that being said if you have a limb down or notice anything on your roof that may have damaged it we recommend that you take some pictures before you clear the offending objects. This may help with any future insurance claims. 
I've read other posts recommending that homeowners inspect a roof themselves. While that is fine if you are comfortable climbing up on the roof yourself, there's really not much point since most roofing companies, ourselves included will come out and perform an inspection for free. 

If you have noticed any leaks after the recent snow we would be happy to help. Feel free to give us a call: 704-256-4937.

Categories: Home Maintenance