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Decorating Safety Tips

Posted on December 15, 2013 at 3:11 PM
It can be hard to find someone who doesn't appreciate the beautiful decorations that go up this time of the year. However, when decorating it is important to keep some safety tips in mind.
Both real and artificial tress have a possibility of igniting in the event of a fire, however, they are not the most likely item in a home to do so. According to the California Christmas Tree Association the top three most likely items are: newspapers, boxes or bags, and curtains. So it is important to keep all of these items away from potential sources of ignition such as electrical outlets, space heaters, candles, and other open flames. 

Some other helpful tips are:
*Choose a tree that is a fresh as possible and cut across the base right before putting it in the tree stand. Try bending the needles. If they are fresh they will not break. 
*Place your tree away from all heat sources.
*Water your tree daily. A Christmas tree watering funnel can make this job much easier on the back and knees. 
*Do not overload your electrical outlets. A single extension cord should have no more than three standard sets of lights. 
*Place your Christmas tree away from your emergency exits.
*Unplug lights when you are out of the room or sleeping.
*Check your light strands for frayed or bare wire, then discard or repair before using.
*Remove any stockings or decorations hanging from the mantle before lighting a fire.
*Place breakable ornaments out of the reach of small children.
*When decorating outside check your ladder for damage before using. Also, ladders should be on level ground. Make sure the weight limit of your ladder is sufficient to hold you and your decorations.
*Make sure your inflatable yard decorations are secured according to the manufacturers specifications. Also, if it is a very windy day it would be better to shut them off completely.

For more tips on safe decorating visit the source articles below and happy decorating!


Categories: Home Maintenance